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Farewell Party organised in Saffron Public School, Phagwara

#Farewell_party was organised in #Saffron_Public_School by students of Class XI for the students of Class XII. The students welcomed the#Principal with a bouquet of flowers. The students of Class XII recollected the golden movements spent in #school and thanked the #teachers for their genuine #advice & #opinion. The teachers blessed them for a successful future. The Students participated in #modelling_competition and various titles were awarded to them. Manav Sharma was selected as Mr. Saffron, 1st Runner Up Gaurank Verma, 2nd Runner Up Purnoor and third Runner up Karanjot Singh. Similarly in Girls, Punya Sood was selected as Miss Saffron, 1st Runner Up Mansi Kaushal and Gurleen Sandhu, Second Runner Up Ashman and Komal whereas Third Runner Up were Girisha and Maitri. Various other titles such as Mr. Handsome, Mr. Stylish, Mr. Fresh, Best Costume, Well-Built, Most Diligent were given to the boys. Girls were given titles such as Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Warming, Miss Beautiful Smile and Beautiful eyes.

The Prinicipal Dr. Sandeepa Sood shared her happiness and said that she has full faith that with their hard work and dedication, the students will get success in life and set up their goals. She wished them good luck for their final exams and advise them to follow their values and ethics in life.


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