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Heart-breaking incident when Saffron lost one of its brilliant students in a road accident.

It was a sudden heart-rending and heart-breaking incident when #Saffron lost one of its brilliant students in a #road_accident. The reason behind her death is: utter negligence of our #Government- she was crushed under an overloaded container. She was such an adorable and #responsible #child who actively took part in all the activities. Saffron organized a #Prayer_Ceremony in which the students observed moments of silence for the dear departed soul and lighted candles to express their anguish as well as grief against the lack of rules and regulations.

Saffronians took an oath that they will follow the #traffic_rules and urged the Government to put the culprits behind the bar. The Principal Mrs. Sandeepa Sood said with a heavy heart that #Ashman_Kaur will always be there in the hearts of Saffron Family. She criticized the #transport and #traffic #department of our country and requested the Government to be more strict and vigilant so that innocent people like Ashman must not lose their lives in such incidents.



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