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Graduation Ceremony in Saffron Public School

#Saffron_Public_School organised #Graduation_ceremony to celebrate the students’ success by providing them #degrees and to make the parents feel proud on the #achievements of their wards. The students themselves hold the stage and performed various activities. Through this ceremony, it was our effort to make the parents aware about the various projects held under ‘Sports Seed’, Intellisis for the #Child’s holistic #development and #enlightenment. The best methods based on ‘Phonics’ were also introduced to make learning easy as well as interesting. Even, Saffron Public School is planning to organize an #Orientation_Programme for the parents’ where they will come to know about the various techniques and devices for grooming their ward to become an enlightened human being.

The Principal Mrs. Sandeepa Sood thanked the #parents and ensured them that the school will always work for the better #performance of the students.


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