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Saffron_Public_School had celebrated Baisakhi_festival

#Saffron_Public_School had celebrated #Baisakhi_festival. In the morning assembly students were awarded about the importance of this #festival. There was performances by the #students on #folk_songs. Students of primary wing had shown their talents in #Giddha and #Bhangra. A visit was organized to Baisakhi Mela at #Sukchainana_sahib. In the Gurudwara, children has sought the blessing of #Guru_Granth_Sahib. They had enjoyed swings like Marigold, pendulum. Children bought toys from the vendors. #Children were also taken to farms and they were happy to see ripened crops there. It is indispensable for the students to get #knowledge about their #culture and #tradition.



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