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Saffron received Global Sustainable Award.

#Saffron_Public_School received #Global_Sustainable_Award by #Geaerd_Organization for its efforts of providing #healthy atmosphere to its students. It was really a matter of pride for Saffron Public school when Saffron got honour at International Level and was nominated and competed with countries like #Dubal#Maskat and #Oman etc. where 27 schools received this award. Mr. Manu Rishi, Mr. Harinder Sharma and Mrs. Meenakshi Talwar went to Delhi to receive this honour.
The main motif of Geaerd Organization is to make the children aware about Environment and even appreciate the efforts of those schools who add these challenging areas of study in the school curriculum and arouse students interest in saving atmosphere through various fun-loving activities. Saffronians took oath and in this pretext organized #World_Health_Day and #Green_Spark Project in school premises and planted saplings also. The students were suggested to adopt a healthy life style to live a long and healthy life. The school Principal Dr. Sandeepa Sood congratulated all the students and teachers and wished that in future also efforts will be made to keep a check on global warming with team efforts.

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