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Edexcel Result

Saffron always endeavours to provide unique methods in the field of education. In this competitive world, our school inculcates such traits among children so that they can easily compete with their competitors. To encourage the students for various activities Saffron_Public_School is the only school in this region which is affiliated to Pearson Edexcel Board of U.K.. Pearson Edexcel’s qualifications are World renowned and highly respected, giving learners the opportunity to succeed in life, learning and employment.Pearson Edexcel is the brand name for academic and general qualifications including ILSCIGSCE and A Level. Under International Lower Secondary curriculum Saffron has conducted the examination of Science, Mathematics and English in year 2016-17 to provide opportunities to the students developed their knowledge. To mark the success of the students who have excelled in this Board, Saffron has organised a graduation ceremony on 07 October 2017. The students of year 8 and 9 were rewarded with International Lower Secondary Award Certificates provided by Pearson Edexcel Board of U.K. Among 6 appeared students 5 students have scored the highest grade S4 in Mathematics, 01 student has got S3 grade in this subject. Similarly in Science all the appeared students scored S3 grade in year 9. Year 8 students have also got good grades in this examination. On this auspicious ceremony, the Principal Dr. Mrs. Sandeepa Sood, congratulated all the graduated students with the certificates and motivated other students to participate in Pearson Edexcel Examination to gain knowledge about International Curriculum. She propelled the students to engage in Edexcel Examination as this international curriculum provide various activities and exams which not only make children better and capable persons but also help them to achieve great heights in life.

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