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Campus Cleanliness

Who says Health and Happiness depends upon having luxurious and materialistic things at your end. For living a healthy Life-style, you should keep yourself fit and energetic. Making just a few changes in your life style, can help you live longer. Japan is one of the cleanest countries of the world, because the people of the this country do not take it as a personal issue but a public one. It is a part and parcel of their life.

Considering this fact, our Prime_Minister Narinder Modi launched a campaign – Swachh_Bharat_Abhiyaan to make Indians aware about the benefits of living in clean surroundings. At Saffron, an activity related to the cleanliness was organized for classes VI-VIII. A documentary of a Japanese school displaying their zeal and interest for keeping their environment clean was also telecasted. The students showed a great sense of enthusiasm and participated in the activity with great fervor and fun. Even they took an oath that they will always keep on making efforts to keep their environment clean not only in the school but also at home.
They will also try to make the general public aware about the benefits of keeping our surroundings clean. The Principal Dr. Sandeepa Sood appreciated the students for their efforts and motivated them to become socially responsible citizens.

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