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The approach to education at SAFFRON Public School is holistic, where excellence in academics seamlessly merges with excellence in co-curricular activities and sports, thereby developing well-rounded and wholesome personalities. Participation in sports and cultural events is an integral part of the school curriculum. The school is divided into 3 sections -the Pre-Primary (from Nursery to class II), Primary (class III-VI) and Senior school (VII- XII). Students are divided into 4 houses SATLUJ, RAVI, JEHLUM and BEAS . The school activity calendar is a judiciously planned mix of literary, cultural and sports events. At the pre primary level competitions are discouraged and instead, festivals are organised. The tiny tots are encouraged to participate in various cultural and sporting events, without the pressure of winning and losing. Inter-class and inter-house competitions commence from class 3 onwards. For class 3 and class 4, the competitions are held at the class level so that the young SAFFRONIANS experience the competitive spirit at a smaller level in their own respective classes. The true fighting spirit gradually gets introduced from class 1 onwards - when all the competitions are held at an inter-house level.


Be it inter-house sporting competitions, literary weeks, or music and dance competitions, students strive hard to better the position of their house and hence the competitive spirit which comes to the fore in these contests, builds up and eventually the child becomes sturdy to face all competitions that he will be meted out in everyday situations in the future. In addition to these calendar events, special school assemblies are organised to mark important festivals and national occasions like the Independence Day, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Diwali, Republic Day and the like. Participation in these national red-letter calendar events inculcates a sense of Indianness and an appreciation of the Indian culture and tradition with special music compositions and dance choreographies, children are inculcated with a special sense of pride and uniqueness towards their culture. In short the school world at SAFFRON Public School reverberates with the sounds of sports, the melodies of music and the rhythm of dance. The atmosphere provided to the student is conducive to his physical, mental and emotional development.


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