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Horse Riding

Saffron International School always strives hard and remains prominent in providing the best facilities to nurture, nourish & chisel our students into a host of well-shaped individuals. We are proudly going to introduce Horse Riding Academy- the skill of riding, driving or vaulting with horses. Horse Riding is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because its physically challenging, but it take more than Athleticism. It takes commitment, time, patience, balance, flexibility, agility and overall body awareness. We have arranged for an outdoor arena for the proper training of the students by a professional instructor. So, the students can participate in state and national level competitions. We are going to provide all the equipments required during training as: helmets, riding boots, particular dress etc. A professional rider (an instructor) will always be there to guide and train students in horse riding. The instructor will provide tips on grooming and tackling of horse means how to keep balance and how to mount on horse.


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