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Personality Development

Personality and Grooming classes have been introduced in the School. Good grooming is the fastidious art of taking care of oneself and of being immaculately neat from head to toe, whereby everything is used with discrimination and taste. Children are made familiar with their assets and drawbacks so that they learn to project their good points and camouflage their drawbacks. The following are the topics children are being taught

  •  Social Etiquette
  •  Party Etiquette
  •  Restaurant Etiquette
  •  Conversation Skills
  •  Inter-Personal Communication Skills
  •  Personal Grooming
  •  Flower Arrangement
  •  General Awareness

Workshops on Personality and Grooming are periodically held in the School for both the students and the teachers.

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A well-rounded set of  child centric activities at saffron contributes significantly to the holistic development of students, We are preparing them for success in both their personal and academic lives.